Thursday, November 5, 2015

2 Key Board Positions Open - We Need Your Help!

The 2015-16 Board of Directors is excited to begin work on our upcoming Spring Season.  We have many returning members and welcome several new people to help us continue our mission.   However, we are short two very key positions that need to be filled:  Groundskeeper and Concessionaire. 

The Concessionaire position is especially important because the proceeds from sales in our concession stand fund our umpires for our baseball seasons.  Without our Concessionaire, we are in danger of having to keep the stand closed.  We have endeavored to keep food prices reasonable so that the stand provides a community service while also helping to keep our league’s internal costs low.  Without the revenue from our stand, we may be required to raise registration fees at a higher rate than we would like.  Our former Concessionaire has done an excellent job of documenting what needs to be done, and we will provide on-the-job training for anyone willing to take on this important position.  Would you please help us?

As you can imagine, our fields are our most important asset and proper maintenance is necessary to keep them safe and playable.  We need someone who can coordinate efforts to improve and maintain our fields, and work with contractors and our schools to make sure work is done, and we are compliant with school policies.  Our Groundskeeper does not necessarily have to do the actual field work, rather, we need someone to manage this process.

If interested in filling either of this positions, please contact us at

End of Season Tournament

The Rookie, Minor, and Major Divisions will have an End of Season Tournament this weekend:   November 7th-8th.  Click here for the full tournament schedule.