Friday, May 11, 2018

Fundraiser Kick-Off - Support Northside!!

Northside Player and Families,
This year's fundraiser is simple--Just ask people you know to support the league that you play in.  Each year Northside raises funds to cover expenses that registration fees simply cannot cover:  field maintenance items, official baseballs, bats, catching equipment, chalk to line the fields, and the machines to make those lines so nice, and too many more items to list   You can help offset these costs by simply asking people you know for  a donation.
The fundraiser will run from Saturday, May 12th through Tuesday, May 29th.  
Raise money to  and receive the following prizes:

Raise $25                      Northside Logo Water bottle
Raise $50                      Unique Northside Logo Pin (or water bottle)
Raise $100                    Northside T-Shirt (or water bottle & pin)
Raise  $250                   Northside Logo Hat (or t-shirt and pin)
Raise $500 or over      Northside Logo Hoodie
The team the raises the most money will win a Pizza Party during the Day of Champions!!!  We are working on other individual incentives so stay tuned…. 
A packet will be sent home with each player this Saturday with more details.
If the 200+ Northside Families each raise $50 that would mean $10,000 would be available to improve our program and keep it strong. We have set a fundraising goal of $50 per player.  
Did you know that Northside….
  • … spent $4000 this year on a new LED Scoreboard for Carson Raymond Field?
  • … spent $2500 this year on a new professional portable pitching mound?
  • … spent $1000 this year on a compliant USA bat for every Cal Ripken team?
  • … spent over $2000 this year on player equipment including batting helmets and catching gear?
  • … spends over $1000 each year on chalk liner and StayDry?
  • … would like to install a new batting cage at Sutherland field at a cost of over $10,000?
  • … has many additional expenses each year that we rely on our Fundraiser to cover?
Thank You,
Northside Board of Directors